T H E   B R A N D 


M O N A M I is a small, independent brand made up of just myself, Natasha. Starting off as a lockdown hobby, now a business that I really want to make work! I began by making clothes for myself until I posted some of my pieces online to sell and realised people actually wanted this stuff. It felt good knowing that if I can provide my customers with their summer garments, that’s a few less people buying from big brands who, most, completely exploit people, & the Earth. 

I wanted to create clothing for a range of styles, complexions & body types & associated each of my close friends with my designs; by considering what they would wear. From this came the name M O N A M I meaning ‘my friend’; naming each set after my friends. Although M O N A M I is solely summer wear, my aim was to provide something for everyone!


T H E  P R O M I S E


Buying from a small brand that actually cares reflects in the items you receive & the service you get. Although at times it may take longer to receive an item & not be able to get that speedy, convenient next day delivery service provided by others, you are benefitting & helping more than you know. Each fabric used has been chosen based on quality & location, ensuring minimal distance travelled & this will always be the case. Keeping the designs simple & letting the fabric’s texture & colour be the feature, aims to avoid fads & trends for a longer life. 

Your order will always arrive in 100% recyclable packaging; no need for removing tape or labels before disposal. The packaging needed to remain ‘special’ & part of the buying experience but without the waste. This is consistent throughout the making process! All designs are made in the least wasteful way, using organic cottons, compostable fabrics like wool & using techniques like knotting, used in the O F F C U T pieces. 


Each item purchased is leading to change in the way we shop: supporting young creatives with big ideas facing the Capitalistic hurdles. Tell your friends. Take a second to share on social media. Shop small.